Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sock wagon.

Recently I posted about how more and more attention is being paid to well-designed socks here. I think it is great. I mean, in high school I had my own collection of cherry-printed socks and now I stick to neutrals but I would be proud to don these lovelies on my feet.

Ashidashi has a brilliant collection of clever, graphic print socks.

Archiduchesse have socks in every gorgeous colour you could imagine.

And my beloved and appropriately named 'Happy Socks'would add the right amount of glee to any outfit (hidden or not).


cindy said...

i love these socks so much i have the last pair in brown!

perfectionishuman said...

I always feel really guilty when I wear nice socks.. cos I don't want them to get ruined !

Helen [In Elegance] said...

Socks may be my next addiction after tights.

Lyndsey said...

so cute! This totally reminds me of crazy sock day in elementary school. I miss those fun days :)

Faux Naif said...

this is great! i know it's nuts, but i'm on a major socks kick these days. i'm usually a tights gal since i hardly ever wear pants, so socks aren't a strict necessity, but i wear them over my tights a lot.

i think it's just because when you're out shopping and you don't want to buy anything because oh, i dunno, maybe you're a poor university student and you like to do things like eat once in a while, you don't feel too guilty buying a pair of neat socks.

(or is that just me)

Christine said...

I'm trying to collect a pair of socks in every color. I also have quite a few polka dot socks. Every time I put them on they just brighten up my day:)

Katie said...

I have a problem with buying ridiculous amounts of funky socks. and now I may just have to purchase a couple of pairs of these!

Katie Jo said...

Oh how I love socks!


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