Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In my bag: Part XIV.

Okay everyone only two posts left! Up next is Sarah Dobbs:

I am a Midwestern transplant living in Brooklyn, New York with my husband Kyle and my French Bulldog Penny. I write a trend blog s.s.dobbs, which is about fashion, home, and life. My education and experience is in Fashion Design, but I am currently making a transition into the digital media publication world and have been working for Conde Nast. I love walks around the city, making purchases, weddings, and traveling.'

1. Goyard medium bowler handbag. Purchased by my husband while we were on vacation in Paris I haven’t put it down since.

2. LAUDREE French bulldog journal also purchased in Paris… can you tell I have a thing for France? It’s great to also have something to write my ideas down on, addresses, contacts etc. I do have an I-phone but I like to keep track of things the old fashion way (My I-phone isn’t pictured bc I carry it in my pocket.)

3. Traditional BIC black ball point pens- Haven’t found anything I like better.

4. Kleenex and eye drops spring has arrived and I have the worse allergies.

5. Smash box O-PLUMP gloss- My fav and only color I wear, SKINNY SKINNY lip balm, and Maybelline clear shiny-licious gloss (it tastes like berries yum).

6. Tiffany and Co suede poach, I received a gift from there a few years ago and I love carrying this little pouch it came in. Perfect to keep my wedding rings and other jewelry safe and organized while I am at the gym.

7. Mini tape measure (I put a Domestic Queen sticker on it to make it a little more girlie). It’s nice to have along when vintage and thrift shopping. I would hate to get something home to later find out didn’t fit out space.

8. Lock and key for the gym- I hate combination locks I always forget the combos when I go on my sometimes hiatus from the gym :/

9. Ipod Shuffle/headphones, Headband, Ponytail holder, and bobby pins all musts for the gym that I simply cannot do without.

10. Check book- Somehow I still write tons of checks, but like the journal I like having a ‘hardcopy’ of things.

11. My $20 Urban Outfitters wallet! I love this wallet it holds everything without being bulky!

12. A two dollar bill my good friend Erin gave me over years ago it’s suppose to bring good luck so I’ve never spent it!

13. I always have stamps! Hence sending bills the old fashion way and other little letters to family and friends back home.

14. Business Card holder- Simple and functional getting my contact information on cards has made making connections so much easier.

15. I always grab matches from restaurants because I love to light candles in our apartment. Our good friends Kelli and Pete treated us to dinner at Il Mulino in New York’s West Village… the best Italian I have ever had!

16. Mambas! I always have some sort of sugar treat in my bag.

17. I am addicted to Seltzer...gave up soda for a healthier fizzy option.

18. I love drinking tea this Woman’s Energy by Yogi really helps with PMS and I’m always carrying extras of things I love and giving them to friends to try.

19. Orbit Mist- Love it.

Thank you Sarah! Tune in next week for the end of the series!


Sarah S. Dobbs said...

Love it! Thanks for having me be apart of your series!



Teresa said...

OMG! They still make mambas???

cupcakebomb said...

Nice bag!! I'm jealous...


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